Kia Soul: Storage compartments / Increase cargo space

Kia Soul (SK3) 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Storage compartments / Increase cargo space

Kia Soul. Increase cargo space

Kia Soul. Increase cargo space

If you want to increase cargo space,

1. Grasp the handle on the top of the cover and lift it

2. Fold the rear part of the luggage board frontward

3. Pull the luggage board hinge to the end of sliding slot and it will fall down lower to increase cargo space.

4. Slide it frontward (refer to the above pictures)

Luggage net holder
To keep items from shifting in the cargo area, you can use the 4 holders located in the cargo area to attach the luggage net. If necessary, Kia recommends to contact an authorized Kia dealer/service partner. ...

Interior features

Other information:

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